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Bill Watch: HB 1568 passed the Senate 28-20 and now heads to Governor Holcomb for his signature

House Bill 1568 allows pharmacists who meet certain requirements to prescribe and dispense hormonal contraceptive patches and self-administered oral hormonal contraceptives (contraceptives). Establishes requirements for pharmacists who elect to prescribe and dispense contraceptives. Requires the Indiana board of pharmacy (board) to adopt rules. Provides that a pharmacist is not required to prescribe a contraceptive to a woman if the pharmacist believes the contraceptive is contraindicated or objects on ethical, moral, or religious grounds.

Eric Koch Voted - Yes

Chris May Voted - Yes


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Bill Watch: House Bill 1177 Passes and heads to the Senate

Handgun training for teachers. Creates a specialized firearms safety, education, and training curriculum (curriculum) for teachers, school staff, and school employees. Specifies curriculum requirements. Authorizes funds from the: (1) Indiana safe schools fund; (2) Indiana secured schools fund; and (3) school corporation and charter school safety advance program; to be used for the purpose of providing specialized firearms instruction to certain teachers, school staff, and school employees, and for providing counseling services to students, teachers, school staff, and school employees in the event of a school shooting.

Chris May Voted - Yes


Chris May voted yes for House Bill 1177.

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