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May: State approves funding for Spring Mill State Park renovations

Chris May (R-Bedford)
Chris May (R-Bedford)

STATEHOUSE (Dec. 19, 2023) – Spring Mill State Park's inn and historic mill will undergo renovation and repair projects with the help of newly approved state funding, according to State Rep. Chris May (R-Bedford).


May voted in support of the funding during the 2023 legislative session, and the State Budget Committee formally approved releasing the funds on Tuesday along with funding for many other projects across the state.


"Spring Mill State Park is a true jewel in our state, with its extensive cave network and a pioneer village serving as a portal to Indiana's history," May said. "It's essential that we preserve the historic mill and ensure the inn meets safety standards and remains a top attraction in our community."


May said $27 million will go toward renovating and rehabilitating the Spring Mill Inn. Projects include addressing water infiltration issues, installing new generators and load switches, demolishing specific sections of wall, repairing elevators, updating HVAC and plumbing systems, and renovating 73 guest rooms. In addition, $2 million was formally approved to rehabilitate the park's historic mill, including renovations to the waterwheel, shaft, inside main gear and related hardware components. The State Budget Committee also formally approved $1.9 million for needed maintenance on Spring Mill Inn's parking garage.


For more information on Spring Mill State Park, visit


Visit for more information about the list of projects approved by the State Budget Committee, as well as view agendas and archived meetings. Visit to learn more about House Enrolled Act 1001, Indiana's new two-year state budget.

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