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Local Shopping

Our local business scene is something that’s unique to our town for travelers, and provides quality and convenience for residents.


Shopping local can have a powerful and beneficial impact not only on the people of your local community, but also on the natural environment and the economy as a whole. There are many reasons why people should support their local businesses and shop locally, including the following:

1. Supporting the Local Economy: Shopping locally encourages economic growth in your community and circulates money within your community. When you shop local, money is directly supporting businesses in your community, keeping jobs and tax revenue right in your area.

2. Supporting Your Community: Shopping locally also helps to strengthen the fabric of your local community. Local businesses are often more involved in their communities, such as by sponsoring community events, contributing to charities, and taking an active role in making the area a better place to live. Keeping business money in your community helps keep local leaders and decision makers accountable.

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