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Donald Rainwater on Protecting Private Property Rights in Indiana

By Donald Rainwater, Libertarian Party Candidate for Indiana Governor

Donald Rainwater, Libertarian Party Candidate for Indiana Governor
Donald Rainwater, Libertarian Party Candidate for Indiana Governor

Indianapolis, Indiana, April 2, 2024 - As a Hoosier, a staunch advocate for individual liberties, and a genuine believer in the Libertarian philosophy based upon the Non-Aggression Principle (NAP), I am deeply concerned about the impact of large-scale infrastructure projects on Hoosier households, family farms, and communities. Unfortunately, recent infrastructure projects have raised serious concerns regarding infringement on individual property rights and the state government’s use of eminent domain and other forms of coercion to advance their agenda. As the Libertarian candidate for Indiana Governor, I firmly believe that we must always prioritize safeguarding individual rights, especially property rights, over subsidizing and appeasing the corporate agenda in our state.

The statement “The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few, or the one” sounds admirable in the context of a hero voluntarily sacrificing his life for his ship’s crew in a movie. However, let’s remember that such sacrifice was voluntary, not mandated by the government. When imposed by the government through eminent domain or other means, this philosophy becomes an authoritarian infringement on individual rights.

My sincere belief that We, The People of Indiana, must safeguard Hoosier property rights against such government aggression is why I strongly oppose the Link 101 project, the Mid-states Corridor project, the Local Economic Action Plan (LEAP) projects, and any other infrastructure or economic development project that infringes on the property rights of Hoosiers through explicit or implicit means.

Please don’t misunderstand. I am not opposed to infrastructure improvements or economic development. I am, however, opposed to any level of government, whether it be municipal, county, state, or federal, imposing its will to the detriment of one or more individual Hoosier’s property rights. Furthermore, individual property rights include, but are not limited to, the land, air, and natural resources.

Eminent domain should only be invoked when there is a demonstrable public crisis that cannot be solved in any other way. This is seldom necessary; however, all too often, it is wielded to benefit powerful interests at the expense of ordinary citizens. This is the textbook definition of corporatism. As your next Governor, I will require a thorough review of every public project where eminent domain is part of the discussion and ensure that non-coercive, cost-effective means are identified to complete the project successfully without infringing on the property rights of Hoosier citizens.

Our state government’s top priority must always be to safeguard the rights of the individual from infringement by anyone who wishes to use force or fraud to advance their agenda at the expense of someone else. This absolutely includes private property rights. Bringing new high-paying jobs should not trump safeguarding individual rights. Making someone’s commute 15 minutes shorter should not override protecting someone else’s property rights. Creating a new highway to improve the transportation of a company’s products should not take precedence over preserving the personal property of Hoosier landowners. Providing natural resources for corporate development should never be more important than respecting the property rights of Hoosier residents to the natural resources contained within their property’s legal boundaries.

In conclusion, if we truly believe in Life, Liberty, Property, and the pursuit of Happiness, then we must adopt the statement “The rights of the one outweigh the desires of the few, or the many.” Otherwise, we have already surrendered to the very authoritarian tyranny that we so vociferously condemn in other parts of the world.

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