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May: House unanimously approves 13th check for state's public retirees

State Rep. Chris May (R-Bedford)
State Rep. Chris May (R-Bedford)

STATEHOUSE (Feb. 2, 2024) – Legislation co-authored by State Rep. Chris May (R-Bedford) to provide a 13th check to retired public employees is now one step closer to becoming law after the Indiana House of Representatives unanimously approved it.

The legislation would provide a one-time, post-retirement payment designed to help cover cost-of-living gaps. Retired public employees like teachers, state excise police, gaming agents, gaming control officers, conservation officers and state police officers who are a part of Indiana’s public pension program would receive a 13th check.


"Retired state workers rely on these payments to help cover increasing costs for daily necessities whether it's food or fuel," May said. "By providing a 13th check, we can help offset some of their expenses."

Payments would be based on an employee's number of years vested in their retirement plan. May said the state would use existing, dedicated funds to make one-time payments to retirees, which would average about $360 per recipient.

As of early 2024, there are nearly 100,000 retired public employees who would qualify for a 13th check under this legislation.

House Bill 1004 now heads to the Indiana Senate for consideration. In 2023, House lawmakers supported similar legislation, but the bill ultimately died in the Senate. Learn more about the bill and track it through the legislative process at


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