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Whole Living Medical Redefines Primary Care in Bedford, Indiana with Direct Primary Care Model

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Whole Living Medical, a pioneering Direct Primary Care team comprising Nurse Practitioners and healthcare professionals, is redefining the healthcare experience in Bedford and surrounding areas. Dedicated to putting patient needs first, Whole Living Medical offers a membership-based approach that ensures unparalleled access and personalized care.

Unlike traditional healthcare models, Whole Living Medical prioritizes extended, non-rushed appointments where patients receive comprehensive attention from their providers. This commitment allows for thorough discussions about health needs and wellness goals, fostering a deeper understanding of each individual's health journey.

"At Whole Living Medical, we believe in proactive healthcare that focuses on prevention and addresses the root causes of illness," said Dr. Andry, a renowned expert in bio-identical hormone replacement therapy and hormonal/behavioral weight management. "Our approach integrates the latest research and personalized medicine to empower our patients to achieve optimal health."

Key features of Whole Living Medical include:

- Extended appointment times tailored to patient needs

- Same or next-day sick visits for immediate care

- Convenient email communication for seamless access to providers

- Unlimited access to care without barriers or restrictions

In addition to primary care services, Whole Living Medical offers specialized programs such as weight management services and hormone replacement therapy, designed to support holistic health and well-being.

Located at 1141 16th Street, Bedford, Indiana, Whole Living Medical is committed to serving the local community with exceptional healthcare that is both accessible and comprehensive.

For more information or to become a member of Whole Living Medical, please contact us at:

Whole Living Medical

Whole Living Medical

1141 16th Street, Bedford, Indiana 47421

Phone: 930-900-2467

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