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Ralph Anderson cuts ties with GNC and opens up his own high quality supplement and sports nutrition

Ralph Anderson Owner of Crowder's FitLife Pharmacy
Ralph Anderson Owner of Crowder's FitLife Pharmacy

GNC of Bedford has been a staple in the community for 25 years, providing the community with a wide range of health supplements and vitamins. However, when GNC Holdings, Inc. was purchased by Harbin pharmaceutical group, a Chinese state-owned pharmaceutical manufacturer, GNC Franchise owner Ralph Anderson and family became concerned about customer information and product quality. At this point our team began researching and securing contracts to provide high quality supplements to the community that are made in the United States. Ann Anderson Garrison, manager of the Bedford GNC, said; “We want to ensure that the community still has access to high-quality supplements.”

That solution came in the form of Crowder’s Pharmacy expanding into wellness and sports nutrition and rebranding the pharmacy which will go by Crowder’s FitLife Pharmacy. Steve Anderson Pharmacist and owner said “as a pharmacist one of the most important roles is to educate and guide people in their journey towards health and wellness.” In today’s world more and more people are turning towards nutritional supplements to enhance their overall health and well-being and that’s where pharmacists can play a vital role. Pharmacists have a wealth of knowledge when it comes to supplements, and they are well-placed to recommend the right ones for their community. By understanding the specific nutritional needs of individuals a pharmacist can provide tailor-made advice, which can help people reach their health goals. By recommending nutritional supplements pharmacists can help their community live healthier lives and prevent the onset of various health problems.

Current GNC employees Suzan Garines and Crystal Johnson are ready to greet and assist customers in the new location. “We are excited about the move and the access we now have to a wider range of products,” said Garines. We we will offer sports nutrition brands such as NutraBio, Alpha Lion, Ghost LLC, REDCON1 and Beverly to name a few and will be expanding our NOW supplement line and introducing new supplements such as Life Extension and Ortho Molecular. The move is underway and should be complete by Thursday May 11th.

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