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NOW uncovers quality issues for supplement brands sold on Amazon

NOW tests various supplement brands sold on Amazon and finds many fail for potency and other quality issues.

In 2017, NOW started its award-winning industry self-policing program of testing unfamiliar brands found on Amazon. The program tests high-value products sold by emerging brands on Amazon at both internal and external labs, evaluating the results compared to label claims.

The goal is to provide consumers with knowledge on quality and testing of supplements so they can make informed purchases. When buying supplements for health and wellness, you should feel confident that what's on the label is in the bottle, which is why NOW heavily invests in in-house testing labs and third-party testing and certifications to ensure customers of quality.

Supplement Category Testing Results

The following are supplement categories in which NOW purchased a variety of products from different brands sold on Amazon and tested them along with our own products. You can read the results of each category testing via the links below.

Stay tuned to for continued updates.

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