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By Columnist Bob Bridge

“Winter spring, summer or fall, all you have to do is call …“

- Carole King

I believe every youngster yearns for someone trustworthy to call when obstacles are overbearing, overwhelming. You long for a voice of empathy and reason when the world wields its formidable forces directly at you.

While I was blessed with wonderful parents, most of the calls originating from my dorm room at IU were to 812-423-8536. That number was assigned to Eva Hitch on Herndon Drive in Evansville.

My maternal grandmother was my go-to gal.

I trusted her implicitly, and she invariably offered a sensible solution to every dilemma I painstakingly detailed.

Eva and Bill Hitch raised five children in a tiny, two-bedroom, one-bathroom home near Bosse Field. A faithful woman, Eva was never far from her Bible.

A friend once asked me to describe my perception of heaven. “I’m not sure,” I responded. “However, I’m anxious to see my grandmother‘s forever home.”

I am a hybrid of my maternal grandmother and paternal grandfather. They were resplendent role models for this young lad and anyone else crossing their paths.

When the feds chose to dispense government cheese to all the needy folks from coast to coast, Eva humbly and politely declined.

A couple of my aunts scolded their mother vociferously. They noted she was the widow of a World War I veteran and possesed zero material goods.

It was Eva’s independent quality that impacted me most. “I’ll get by,” she uttered matter-of-factly as she grasped her Bible.

Flash forward to today. The government is urging folks to: “Come on and take a free ride!”

“You need money? We’ll print more!”

“How can you govern a country which has 246 varieties of cheese?” asked former French President Charles de Gaulle.

Well, I’m uncertain, but if a potential voter wanted it, the government would make sure he got it.

Inflation be damned!

I tried the government cheese once while dining at a friend’s home. My taste buds considered it somewhat bland, but undoubtedly sufficient for a generic grilled cheese sandwich.

Someone once suggested life is good. Cheese makes it better.

I agree life is good. But, for me, it was Eva that made it so much better.

May we all be blessed with a special go-to gal.

Bob Bridge welcomes comments at 812-276-9646 or

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