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By Columnist Bob Bridge


Peace in the Middle East.

Ponder that phrase.

I spent more than three decades writing editorials about local state and national issues. Occasionally, while scanning opinion pieces from other publications, I would peruse the headline, “Peace in the Middle East.“

Invariably, I moved on to another issue.


I considered “Peace in the Middle East“ wishful thinking at best, the epitome of an oxymoron.

Many moons ago I sat at Tindal’s Hardware on the Bedford Square. and devoured a piece of pineapple pie. The fellow behind the counter was schooling the customer before him about the intense anger and animosity he encountered while serving in the Middle East.

“Ain’t gonna happen,” he bellowed matter-of-factly. “No peace

“Those people don’t like each other, never agree on anything, and hate each other’s religion. Each think it’s their sacred land, and they won’t accept anything different.”

History has proven he was a wise man.

Anyone suggesting it is better now should remember how many residents felt the necessity to construct a panic room in their abodes.

Conflict is always just a heartbeat away. This isn’t about dispute and disarray. This is about death and carnage.

Reasoning with those who behead children and rape women is an exercise in futility.

This isn’t a fight a between humans. While I completely comprehend the differences and distinctions existing in the “spiritual realm,“ my mind won’t wander into the depths of darkness to consider the raping and beheading of humans.

Peace in the Middle East?

Sadly, I think not.

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