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Increasing High School Relevancy

Chris May, State Representative | Preparing students for the workforce

Not all high school students want to attend a two- or four-year college, and would rather jump into the workforce upon graduation. So how do we better equip them with the skills they'll need to be successful? This session, I supported legislation to encourage more work-based learning opportunities in schools to help students explore career fields and skill up, so they can hit the ground running. To help remove barriers for students to access these types of earn-and-learn experiences, the bill would create career scholarship accounts for students. The accounts could be used by sophomores, juniors and seniors to help pay for uniforms, transportation and other items required to access career training, apprenticeships, certifications and internships. The Indiana Department of Education would approve available courses and tracks, and accounts would be awarded $5,000 under the House Republican budget proposal.

House Bill 1002 could also incentivize schools and career centers to embrace more earn-and-learn partnerships with local businesses. It would also provide more flexibility to diploma requirements when a student pursues work-based learning and credentials.

In a 21st century economy, students need a credential beyond a high school diploma to succeed and thrive. House Bill 1002 could offer game-changing career advantages for young Hoosiers across the state. To learn more, visit Please reach out with any questions or input at 317-232-9981 or

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