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Edith Bunker or Jennifer Aniston? I'm 50 and thinking about Plastic Surgery. Help me decide.

Hey Trish

I have been thinking about getting plastic surgery. I am in my 50’s and I am just not feeling like myself anymore. I am not thinking about a lot but just a a procedure or two. My problem is I feel guilty. This is for two reasons. The first is money. I am sure there is a better way to spend it. The second is promoting a culture of unrealistic beauty. I am just so conflicted. What should I do?

Keepin Up with the K’s in Ohio

Dear Keepin Up!

Well this is a fun question. Do you want the procedures because society makes you feel that you should or do you want the procedure because you would feel better if you had it? I can hear the famous psychologists of the past pondering now. The truth is it might be a little bit of both. I agree with you that today’s culture has put extreme pressure on both men and women to keep up a youthful appearance. I was on Facebook Reels a few months ago and an Archie Bunker clip came up. (My algorithm though!). The title was “Edith’s 50th Birthday”. I was shocked. The episode was sad, Edith was attacked in her home on her birthday. But even more shocking … Edith was only 50! WHAT? Since when did 50 go from Edith Bunker to Jennifer Aniston? Gone are the days of the dust robes and sassy shoes. I sometimes have to check myself at clothing shops to not buy a look too young for my age There is no way my 50 year old grandma even shopped in the same wing of the mall as me, let alone the same store. I remember the cold cream she put on every night before bed in the blue Avon jar. I can remember going to her beauty shop once a week to get her hair set for the week. This was her beauty routine. Ahh the good old days of letting yourself go gently into that good night.

In addition, there are so many great things they can do now and so many ways they have improved safety that it makes getting these procedures done easier. The choices too are almost limitless. It is like a Chinese restaurant with the pictures and numbers. I will have a number 3 and take it easy on the spice. Like with any good restaurant I would read the reviews first. Make sure their cousins aren’t putting false Yelp reviews on their page.

While I can’t speak to the true motive of why you want plastic surgery, I will give you my opinion, which is I guess what you’re asking for! I say, if your mind is healthy, your heart is right, and your money is real go for it! With so much talk nowadays about women having autonomy over their own bodies and their own actions, this should be one of them as well. If having an eye lift, a face tuck, or some cool sculpting gives you more confidence, then that is what you should do. As with anything, don’t go overboard remember the phrase keep it simple sister!

Send me some pics!


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