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Dear Trish, 
Is Bedford’s Online advice column, where Trish responds to your questions about relationships at home, work, and beyond.

Dog on Blue

Do you have a pet that you absolutely adore? We can all relate to being passionate about our furry friends, and NOW you have a chance to showcase your favorite pet photo.

Hi meet Kona!

My name is Kona, and I’m a 1yr old Scotch Collie. My hobbies include going for walks on our farm, playing fetch, snuggling with my humans, and knocking people over on accident. My favorite toy is my toilet brush that my mommy had to buy so I would stop stealing the real ones from the bathroom. I love learning new tricks, and spending time with my family. Word on the street is I’m a very good boy!

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Pet Medication Savings

Need Help Affording Your Pet’s Medication?

If your pet is prescribed a medication that has a human equivalent, we can help! The CASH CARD RX pet program can provide discounts up to 87% off generic and up to 20% off brand pet drugs. While certain pet medications are animal-specific, many are the same as those taken by humans. And, anytime your pet is prescribed one of these drugs, you can have it filled at a local retail pharmacy and receive the same CASH CARD RX discounts a human would.

your Story

Have you ever wanted to share what’s happening in your Bedford community? Do you have a personal story that you think could touch the hearts of residents in your area?

Bedford Online is making it possible for local community members to have their very own stories featured in our news section. Starting now, anyone can send in their story for a chance to be published on Bedford Online’s featured news by the community.

This is a great opportunity to share meaningful and inspiring stories from the local area. It can shed light on topics that matter most to local residents and spark discussions within the community. It’s a chance for people to come together and talk about important issues.

From commending acts of kindness to spreading awareness about local businesses, Bedford Online wants to hear it all. The stories can be in just about any style: from short blogs to texts to poems.

Submitted stories will be reviewed to ensure they meet guidelines before being published.

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