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Hey Trish

It is that time of year. Swimsuit season. I don't know what is going on but the swimsuits companies seem to all be on the trend that everybody type should wear the same kind of suit. I don't feel comfortable showing everybody at the pool all of the stuff I have been hiding under big sweaters all winter. I don't know how to feel comfortable in exposing so much skin.

Any advice for me to get over myself or should I just stay under the tiki hut with my beach towel on vacation? Are my choices looking like my grandmother or my granddaughter all I have?


Seriously? In Indiana.

Dear Seriously!

How can women simultaneously love and hate the beach at the same time? This is an age old question. Add to that the new woke philosophy that everybody type should be celebrated and deemed beautiful. I have seen my body type and resigned to say I am OK at best and look away until I get in the pool at worst. I am a realist. I don't hate my body but I am certainly

no Martha Stewart! What I do know is the older I get the less I care. All those years of miracle suits or swim dresses are long gone. Now I just try to find a suit that keeps all my privates private and will not provide me with a Janet Jackson wardrobe malfunction in front of my son. I really can't afford therapy for him and me.

Honestly, I don't subscribe to all body types should wear a bikini but I also don't believe I need to look like a pinup model from 1926. I have found after 15 minutes in a suit I become less awkward anyway. Think about it, how many suits do you remember from your past versus how many laughs do you remember around the pool? Relax and enjoy. If you will, I will!

Thank you Lycra,


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