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2nd Hand Smoke is Bad


Even if you and the rest of your family do not smoke, it is best to always be cautious of the different environments your child is exposed to secondhand smoke. 

Do your child’s friends’ parents smoke inside the house? Do they play sports in an area that isn’t smokefree? Venues that you assume are smokefree, such as a public park, may still allow designated smoking areas. Children who are exposed to secondhand smoke are more likely to get frequent coughs, colds and ear infections. They are also more likely to have allergies or contract asthma.

Here are some simple ways to protect your child from secondhand smoke:

  • Do not smoke in your home or car

  • Ask family and friends not to smoke in your home or car

  • Make sure your child doesn’t visit homes or other places where you know smoking occurs

If you are a parent and you smoke, you can protect your family from secondhand smoke by implementing no-smoking rules in your own house or car and keep the smoke outside. If you’re ready to quit smoking and live a healthier life, you can call for free help at 1-800-Quit-Now or visit

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