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Triton Metal Products’ Interim CEO Brevin Bennett Earns Conexus Indiana’s Rising 30 Award

CEO Brevin Bennett

HAMILTON, IN —Brevin Bennett, interim CEO of Triton Metal Products in Hamilton, Indiana, has been recognized as one of Indiana’s best manufacturing minds with his Conexus Indiana Rising 30 award.  He’s on a mission to share his passion for manufacturing, usher in a new growth era at Triton, and stoke the passion for manufacturing in others. 

Conexus, a nonprofit dedicated to driving economic growth in advanced manufacturing and  logistics (AML) in Indiana, recognizes 30 rising stars under 30 each year.

“I always wanted to be a leader, and I knew dominating what I do–I’m talking about mastery rather than competitiveness–would put me in control of my future,” Bennett said.

Triton Metal Products proved the perfect fit for him. With decades of experience, the family-owned company not only knows the industry, they know talent when they see it. 

“We knew Brevin was Triton material years before we hired him,” said CEO John Freudenberger. “We were following his journey dating back to vocational school.”

Triton tailored his role to align with his appetite for continuous learning and increasing responsibility. “From the scope of his responsibilities, to the flexibility with projects, to the direction we provided, we were as invested in him as he was in us.” 

The award validates Bennett’s belief he’s “on the right track”, and he’s humbled to share the spotlight with his accomplished fellow award winners as well as his talented peers at Triton, whom the company refers to as ‘Tritons’.

Bennett started his manufacturing career as a machine operator, foregoing the traditional route for vocational high school. “Career Technical Education (CTE) tools made me employable and gave me options.” 

Despite his unconventional path, he hasn’t ruled out college.

“I hope college is in my future. I’d love to invest in a broader education. And I want people to know there’s no single path to success. If college isn’t on your roadmap, read. Listen to podcasts. Talk to people in the field. The sky’s the limit for a lifelong learner.”

“We want people who can challenge the rooms they’re in, intellectually, so we’re raising the bar for each other. I’d rather be the guy who got the smartest people in the room than be the smartest guy in the room.”  

Bennett recognizes leadership is about far more than technical skills, and he takes pride in leading with vulnerability and humility. 

“We operate under the statement, “Minds plus Machines.” While we’re pairing Triton minds with the best technology for an optimization of labor, we’ll always be a people-first company. We’re looking for leaders who want more for themselves, for Triton, and for our customers.”

And it’s not just about Triton. He reminds Tritons about their impact on the community. 


“Our products touch a lot of lives.They end up in fire trucks, medical splints, and after-market lift kits for trucks. They touch food at Chick Fil A and McDonalds. That’s just to name a few.”     

When Bennett envisions Triton’s future, he’s most excited about modernizing their operational system to prepare for digitization and “put aces in the spaces.” 

“In the next ten years, we’d like to become the most dominant contract manufacturing company in the U.S.A.”

He also sees the industry’s future as bright. CTE’s evolution will grow the talent pool, while machine learning, generative artificial intelligence, and mixed reality will enhance training and systematize operations. 

“I’m proud and humbled to share the Rising 30 Award with my accomplished Rising 30 peers, fellow Tritons, and industry peers. We can do incredible things together.”

Freudenberger agrees.

“Such a rapid ascent in our industry is a rare occurrence. Brevin has elevated our systems and turned weaknesses into strengths. I’m talking about everything from our management style, to goal setting, to our work culture. His ability to connect and inspire. It’s impressive. And this is just the beginning.” 

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