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Tim Smith for Indiana Congress


Fort Wayne, IN – Tim Smith, conservative Republican primary candidate for Indiana’s 3rd Congressional District, has signed the U.S. Term Limits Amendment Pledge.  Signing the U.S. Term Limits Pledge indicates support for an amendment to the U.S. Constitution that would limit the number of terms an elected member of Congress could serve in the U.S. House and Senate. For the House, the Amendment would limit a member to serving three full terms (six years); for the Senate, the Amendment would limit a member to serving two full terms (twelve years). 


The Amendment Pledge reads in full: 


I, [Insert Name], pledge that as a member of Congress I will cosponsor and vote for the U.S. Term Limits Amendment of three (3) House terms and two (2) Senate terms and no longer limit.


On signing the Pledge, Smith said: “We need term limits to guard against the potential harm and corruption caused by career politicians who over time seem to care more about their power and position than serving the American people.” 


“From day one of my campaign,” Smith continued, “I have consistently said that I am not running for Congress because I need the job; rather, I am running to represent Hoosiers in the 3rd District who want a conservative leader in Washington who will advocate for a strong border, lower taxes, a balanced budget, and an overall stronger economy.  My campaign is about service, not job security,” Smith said. 


The Amendment was first introduced in January, 2023, on the floors of the U.S. House and Senate by Rep. Ralph Norman (R-S.C.) and Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX). To date, the Amendment has garnered 18 co-sponsorships in the Senate and 103 in the House, including three from Indiana – Republican Reps. Jim Banks, Erin Houchin, and Victoria Spartz, respectively. If elected next November, Tim Smith will replace Rep. Jim Banks in Indiana’s 3rd Congressional District. 

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