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Supporting Hoosier Firefighters

From the office of Chris May, State Representative District 65

This session, I supported legislation that would help spread awareness about harmful, cancer-linked chemicals used to make firefighting gear. PFAS or per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances are dubbed "forever chemicals" because they're nearly impossible to eliminate. Firefighter gear is made with PFAS for their heat- and moisture-resistant properties, but the chemicals can be absorbed through the skin, which could cause health issues. To spread awareness and protect firefighters, House Enrolled Act 1341 would require departments to only purchase firefighter clothing and other gear, if it contains a label stating whether or not it contains PFAS.

The bill, which is now on the governor's desk to be considered as a new law, is supported by the Professional Firefighters of Indiana, the Indiana Volunteer Firefighters Association and the Indiana Fire Chiefs Association.

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