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Peace of mind. The vast majority of us seek it.

In the chaotic, complex world in which we reside today, it is not a simple task.

A fractured ankle, a broken finger, and a cell phone that took an unscheduled swim resulted in a restlessness of the soul. I was not at peace.

I journeyed to Florida seeking an escape from the folly of life. After all, you simply can’t take it too seriously.

My goal was to retreat to the sanctuary of my soul. After all, each one needs to spend ample time within his inner sanctum.

In the past, I would resort to strumming a guitar and caressing a basset hound’s ears. My broken finger prevented any sort of strumming, and I no longer reside with a hound.

I had fallen into a rut and was living a sluggish existence. Once you turn 65, wasting or misusing precious time is inexcusable.

Lounging on the balcony and listening to the swishing of the surf proved marvelous medicine for my blood pressure. We dined out regularly and the eatery ratings were exemplary.

All was well and the rest and relaxation were proceeding as planned until … I misplaced my driver’s license.

It was in my money clip, then it wasn’t. I searched every nook and cranny of the condo and came up empty and discouraged.

The ride home was unsettling. How many hoops must I jump through to retain a replacement?

I am a self-willed, individualistic sort of human. Yes, I could remedy the dilemma but at considerable cost of time and frustration.

My first night home was consumed with football games and hour after hour of snoozing on my pillow.

I awoke unusually late the following morning and embarked on a long list of errands. Upon arriving home I pulled the Jeep up to my mailbox and retrieved several envelopes.

One was from Angelo’s, my favorite steakhouse in Panama City Beach. Enclosed was a folded sheet of brown paper and my driver’s license.


Problem solved.

No more worries.

Peace of mind never felt so good.

As Anne Lamott suggested: “Almost everything will work again if you unplug it for a few minutes, including you.“

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