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Protecting Indiana from Foreign Threats

From the office of Eric Koch, State Senator

This year, Senate Republicans are spearheading efforts to ensure Hoosier land and money is safe from foreign threats.

Critical infrastructure like communication networks, supply chain hubs and government facilities are increasingly targeted by foreign entities like China and Russia. That's why we passed legislation that would prohibit the selling of land adjacent to critical infrastructure to entities deemed a national threat by the Public Safety and Homeland Security Bureau.

Indiana also has important military bases and facilities within our borders, so we passed legislation that will help ensure the land around them is secure.This will help support the Naval Surface Warfare Center Crane Division, Lake Glendora Test Facility and Grissom Air Reserve Base.

Along with protecting our land, the Senate passed legislation that would prohibit the Indiana Public Retirement System from investing in companies controlled by the People's Republic of China or the Chinese Communist Party and create a five-year divestment plan from these interests. We have to acknowledge that any investment in China is an issue of national security and a monetary endorsement of human rights violations. It is important to protect Indiana's economic foundation and Hoosiers by ensuring their hard-earned money is being kept close to home instead of in the hands of adversarial states.

I was happy to support these measures because it was time for the Indiana General Assembly to take a stand on these issues that impact not only Hoosiers, but all Americans.


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