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Promoting Transparency, Accountability in Government

Chris May, Representative District 65

State agencies have more than 93,000 rules, and in 2020 alone, agencies submitted 213 proposed rules, 300 emergency rules and 206 re-adopted rules. These rules are not written in state law, which means legislators – who are the people's representatives – do not weigh in. To ensure state government works for the people – and not the other way around – I supported legislation that would overhaul the rulemaking process for state agencies to add transparency, and give the public more opportunity to comment and contest fines leveled by agencies. The legislation would require agencies to share information on proposed rules with the public to encourage feedback and streamline the emergency rulemaking process. It would also expand the number of reasons attorney fees could be awarded to Hoosiers who have been fined by agencies for a policy violation.

As your state representative, I encourage you to share your thoughts with me on this and other issues important to you as we continue the legislative session. I can be reached at or 317-232-9981.


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