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Press Release of Board of Commissioners April 20, 2023 meeting, Bedford Housing Authority

2 internal policies were updated Chapter 6 Income and Rent determinations in the ACOP Public Housing and Chapter 3 Eligibility for the Section 8 Admin Policy. Both changes and policy changes may be viewed at our main office at 1305 K Street/Bedford IN 47421

The 2022 Capital Fund Hamilton Courts Roofing project was presented as Resolution # 647 to approve the bid winner as Pritchett Brothers at a costs of $62,740.00. Other bids that were submitted were RCV Roofing $70,991.45 and Waldrip Construction $76,102.00.

The 2021 Capital Fund Hauck House project to replace and install 4 hallway A/C units Resolution #648 was awarded to Heflin Industries at a costs of $11,520.00, Other bids that were submitted were Commercial Service $12,395.00 and Gabhart Enterprises $12,450.00.

The Capital Fund Annual Plan for 2023 was passed. It encompasses $393,625.00 to be used at each Public Housing apartment complex Hauck House and Hamilton Courts. Work items include Parking lot improvements, sidewalk upgrades, repairing front porches, stone and exterior painting, roofing projects and 20% to operations.

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