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Lawrence County Landowners Eligible for Compensation for Property Seized by Federal Government Until February 27

Hundreds of landowners throughout southern Indiana, including in Lawrence County, are still eligible to file a claim for compensation from the federal government for their property that was seized for the conversion of a segment of the former Monon Route (also known as the Hoosier Line) into a public recreational trail called the Monon South Trail. They have until February 27, 2024, before the statute of limitations passes to file their claim.

The City of New Albany, Indiana, and the Indiana Trails Fund started the process of turning the 62.3-mile railroad segment that runs between New Albany and Bedford, Indiana, through Floyd, Clark, Washington, Lawrence and Orange counties into a hiking and biking path in 2018. Landowners’ property underlying the railroad easement was seized pursuant to the National Trails System Act, which authorizes abandoned railroad lines to be converted to public parks. Over the years, many of these landowners have presented their claims in a series of cases (Cessna v. United States, Popp v. United States, Kay v. United States, and Lawrence County v. United States) that have all been settled. They are expected to receive compensation from the federal government this year.

Once February 27 passes, landowners who have not yet filed a claim will be forever barred from doing so. Click the link if you are interested in connecting with the attorneys who have represented the landowners in the above cases to learn more? They can discuss how any eligible landowners can proceed with filing a claim for compensation as well as provide additional details about the cases that have been settled.

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