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Indiana POWER Scholarship

Indiana POWER Scholarship Logo

Apply for scholarship before Nov. 20

Nontraditional female students throughout Indiana are encouraged to apply for scholarships offered by the Political Organization for Women's Education and Representation, or POWER, before the upcoming Nov. 20 deadline.

The POWER Caucus is a bipartisan group of female legislators with a shared goal of improving the quality of life for women and all citizens of Indiana.

Scholarship recipients could include women who are returning to school after a hiatus,

changing careers, or seeking advancement in their career or work life, and stay-at-home moms entering the workplace who need additional education or training. The scholarship is not intended for recent high school graduates or women who are eligible for or have already received other significant financial aid.

A bipartisan selection committee awards scholarships of $750 each. The scholarship check will be made directly to the institution with instructions to apply the funds to the student’s current account to pay for school tuition, books and fees. Qualified applicants include non-traditional female students whose education may have been delayed or interrupted, and the committee will consider financial need, personal vision, service to community and post-education plans.

Click here to learn more and apply before Nov. 20.

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