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Helping to fill 911 open dispatch positions

From the office of Chris May, State Representative District 65

Many county public safety dispatch centers are struggling to fill job openings. As a result, residents may be put on hold by 911 dispatchers. In emergencies, a delayed response can have dire consequences. This session, I sponsored legislation to help retain and increase the number of 911 dispatchers throughout our state. Many counties in Indiana currently have residency requirements in place, which can make staffing dispatch centers more difficult. Qualified candidates residing outside of a dispatch center's county are denied positions. Senate Bill 43 would not allow public safety agencies to have local residency requirements for public safety telecommunicators, so that they can hire across county lines.

Individuals facing an emergency shouldn't have to worry if they will be put on hold when calling 911. We need to ensure that all citizens can rely on public safety dispatchers to connect them with the services they need, when they need them. Click here to learn more about this legislation, which is now headed to the governor where it could soon be signed into law.


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