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Columnist Bob Bridge

Sunset over Panama City Beach
Sunset over Panama City Beach

It was my favorite commercial. A sorrowful soul, trapped in a wintry wonderland, peered into the camera lens and confessed: “I need it bad.”

What did she so desperately require?

Florida! She needed Florida!

Oh, how I could relate.

I don’t build snowmen or race down the slopes on a sled. It’s simply not in my DNA.

I do not like cold weather. Yes, I am grateful for each new day I’m allotted, but I’d rather not spend it battling a blizzard.

Now is the perfect time to vacation and relax along the Gulf Coast’s Miracle Mile.

Someone must be headed that way?

I need a bright, sunny blue sky, a sunburst of merriment before Santa's special season.

.Which beach is my desired destination? One with soft music, white sand and umbrellas.

My rowdy, wild years are behind me. I no longer feel compelled to empty one more frosty bottle than the next guy.

Clad in my retired person uniform – a pair of denim shorts and a T-shirt - I will be as anonymous as a grain of sand on the beach.

Mobility is not my forte. I am neither deft nor dexterous; however, I can bask in the warmth while cordially communing with the pelicans and gulls.

I’ve rewound the tape in my head and reviewed my vacations of old. Indeed, those would be difficult to replicate.

Still, it doesn’t take much to render Bob B. deeply, serenely content. Sit me on the balcony as the day melts toward darkness.

Each sensational sunset generates a tingle of electricity. Then leave me beneath the canopy of twinkling stars and the sound of surf on the sand.

Oh, Florida … I need you!

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1 Comment

Unknown member
Sep 08, 2023

You oughta try Arizona Bob.

No bugs. No humidity. No storms.

Well, there’s the haboobs.

I ve been here for 12 years and haven’t seen a snake or spider yet!

It may not be as pleasant to the eyes as Florida and it is definitely not as scenic as southern Indiana and I mean that.

I’ll debate that point with anybody, anytime and the seasons are better 3 out of 4 seasons in Indiana

Nah, your not missing anything if you never leave good ole Bedford and again, I mean it.

I do have the best seat in the house for an NHL hockey team…..

Its just a different place to die…..ha

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