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Donald Rainwater seeks to Reform and Reduce Residential and Agricultural Property Tax

Donald Rainwater
Donald Rainwater

Indianapolis, Indiana, June 24, 2024 - As your next Governor, Donald Rainwater’s top priority will be to address property taxes in Indiana, focusing on single-family residences. He is committed to working with the General Assembly to reform the property tax system for primary residences and family farms - providing relief to homeowners while ensuring a fair and predictable tax burden.

 - Residential Property Tax Cap: Mr. Rainwater will advocate for an amendment to the state’s Constitution that establishes a true cap on residential and privately-owned agricultural property taxes by limiting annual property taxes to 1% of the purchase price of the property. Additionally, you would only ever pay a maximum of 7% of the purchase price whether paid all at once at closing or escrowed the amount and paid over time, allowing homeowners stability and predictability.

 - Asset Forfeiture Reform: Mr. Rainwater firmly believes that no Hoosier should lose their home due to an inability to pay property taxes. To address this concern, he will propose an amendment to the Indiana Constitution that abolishes asset forfeiture related to property taxes. This ensures that homeowners are not unfairly penalized or face the risk of losing their homes.

By pursuing these reforms, we can create a more equitable and sustainable property tax system that benefits all Hoosiers. Let’s work together to build a stronger Indiana!

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