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“A billion here, a billion there, sooner or later, it adds up to real money.”

- Everett Dirksen

I began my career as a full-time sports editor. Sadly, my girlfriend believed “lifetime” was more descriptive than “full-time.”

The phrases “obsessive” and “married to the job” arose more than a time or two. Not only was she keenly observant, she was accurate.

So, when my boss summoned me to his office to inform me it would be helpful if I could write a couple of editorials a week, I was less than thrilled. I perceived the concept as “mission impossible.”

How could I carve out the time to research and write them? However, when I considered he was writing seven a week, I figured I should at least try to diversify.

Many of the newspaper’s opinion pieces were local in nature, while some focused on national or global issues of genuine interest to our readership. Some agreed with what I wrote; others did not.

Responses ranged from mild to vociferous. The idea was simply to inspire people to think and expand their train of thought.

What national issue did I write most about during my 35-year tenure?

Drum roll, please:

The national debt.

I was adamantly opposed to the United States borrowing large sums of money it was recklessly tardy in repaying.

Who cares?

Miss a couple of car payments. That will help clear your vision.

To put the debt in perspective, here is an alarming stat. When I first began broaching this issue, U.S. debt was measured in billions. Today, America is more than $31 trillion in the red.

How is that possible?

My personal opinion?

Obviously unrealistic budgets designed to pander to would-be voters rather than deal with this devastating, dangerous debt certain to impact our future generations.

Our power-hungry politicians live for today. And, we continue to allow them to do so.

Don’t agree?

No problem. At least this modest advice will cost you nothing.

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