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Crowder’s Pharmacy Blood Drive with American Red Cross: June 29, 2023

Crowder's Pharmacy and Red Cross Blood Partner

Crowder’s Pharmacy is proud to announce our upcoming blood drive with the American Red Cross on June 29, 2023. We are excited to host this important event and encourage all eligible donors to participate. By donating blood, you can help save lives and make a significant impact in the community. 37,000 fewer Red Cross blood donation appointments have been made in May than what’s necessary to ensure patients have the blood they need in the coming weeks. Help can’t wait.

Crowder's Pharmacy Wellness and Sports Nutrition
Crowder's Pharmacy New Wellness Center

Our new wellness center also marks a new chapter for Crowder’s Pharmacy. We've recently relocated the GNC store into our pharmacy, allowing us to expand our wellness offerings and provide even more tailored care to our customers. Visitors are welcome to check out our new space and learn more about how we can help with their overall health and wellness goals.

But one of the highlights of the June 29th event will undoubtedly be the blood drive. Making a blood donation is a safe and easy process that typically takes less than an hour. By donating a pint of blood, you can help up to three people in need. That's three lives potentially saved, all with just one blood donation.

We encourage everyone to come out and donate on June 29th. The American Red Cross has strict safety protocols in place to ensure a safe and efficient donation process, so donors can feel confident in their decision to give.

Crowder’s Pharmacy is proud to be a part of the American Red Cross's life-saving efforts and we hope to see you all on June 29th. Together, we can make a difference in the lives of those in need.

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