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AT&T to Deliver Fiber-Powered Broadband Access to More Than 530 Customer Locations in Rural Lawrence County

AT&T to Deliver Fiber-Powered Broadband Access in Rural Lawrence County

In third project with Lawrence County, AT&T Fiber to be deployed to deliver high-speed internet and help close the digital divide

Lawrence County, Ind., March 28, 2024 – Lawrence County announced a nearly $2.6 million public-private project with AT&T* today to expand AT&T Fiber to an estimated 530 customer locations in rural areas of the county.


AT&T will invest more than $1.6 million and Lawrence County will invest $950,000 in a project that will provide fiber services to residential and businesses addresses in rural areas of west central Lawrence County.


“We’re excited to announce our third project with AT&T to continue to expand broadband throughout our county for our families, businesses, and farmers,” said Lawrence County Commissioner Rodney Fish. “We know how crucial fast connectivity is to all aspects of daily life. AT&T has proven to be a great provider to work with, and we look forward to more high-speed broadband being deployed in rural Lawrence County.”


Extensive planning and engineering work for this project will begin in the second quarter of 2024. The network buildout is expected to be complete within 2 years, after the final agreement between county commissioners and AT&T was executed yesterday.


“We’re so appreciative that Lawrence County has trusted us with another project to expand AT&T Fiber in the county,” said AT&T Indiana President Bill Soards. “We believe Indiana communities both small and large deserve high-speed fiber connectivity. We have other projects in the county already underway, and we’re excited to bring even more high-speed broadband and all its benefits to rural Lawrence County.” 


This is the third public-private project announced between AT&T and Lawrence County over the past year. AT&T was selected by the county in May 2023 to build AT&T Fiber to more than 2,300 customer locations in northwestern portions of the county in a project valued at $3.6 million. The company was also selected by the county in September 2023 to build AT&T Fiber to more than 1,200 additional customer locations in a project valued at more than $4.3 million.


This is in addition to the 700 Lawrence County locations that are planned as part of AT&T’s participation in the State of Indiana’s Next Level Connections broadband grant program.


Plans call for residents and businesses to have access to superfast internet – delivering up to 5-Gig speeds[1] with symmetrical upload and download speeds. Consistently fast speeds[2] and increased bandwidth mean customers can connect multiple devices, stream multiple entertainment sources, quickly upload content to social media and experience ultra-low lag for pro-level gaming – all at the same time. AT&T Fiber is also multi-gig capable the day it is installed, which means it can handle the demands of today, and those well into our hyperconnected future.


AT&T has extensive experience deploying fiber-optics across Indiana. More than 590,000 locations in the state now have access to AT&T Fiber – an increase of 140,000 locations over the last two years. AT&T recently completed its public-private fiber builds in Vanderburgh County and Boonville. In addition to Lawrence County, AT&T is currently working with the City of Martinsville and Delaware County on public-private partnerships to bring AT&T Fiber to those communities. AT&T is also collaborating with the State of Indiana through the state’s Next Level Connections Broadband Grant Program to build fiber networks in parts of nine counties.


Residents and businesses can learn more about AT&T Fiber at and can sign up to be notified when service will be available at their address at

AT&T is committed to connecting more Americans to reliable, high-speed broadband internet in several ways, including expanding and upgrading our network and offering a variety of flexible plans available at a great value, such as Access from AT&T which offers speeds up to 100Mbps.[3]

About AT&T in Indiana

From 2020-2022, AT&T invested more than $1.1 billion in its wireless and wireline networks in Indiana to expand coverage and improve connectivity in more communities. That investment has increased reliability, coverage and overall performance for residents and businesses. It’s also improved critical communications services for Indiana’s first responders using the FirstNet network.


FirstNet and the FirstNet logo are registered trademarks and service marks of the First Responder Network Authority. All other marks are the property of their respective owners. 


*About AT&T


We help more than 100 million U.S. families, friends, and neighbors, plus nearly 2.5 million businesses, connect to greater possibility. From the first phone call 140+ years ago to our 5G wireless and multi-gig internet offerings today, we @ATT innovate to improve lives. For more information about AT&T Inc. (NYSE:T), please visit us at Investors can learn more at


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