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2023 Orleans Chamber Lighting Contest Winners Announced

2023 Orleans Chamber Lighting Contest Winners Announced

The Orleans Chamber of Commerce has announced winners in its 2023 Residential/Business Christmas Lighting/Decorating Contest, which was judged Monday night. This year’s best overall light display honors this year went to the following:

2023 Residential Winners:

Jeff and Robin Berning, 346 E. Parkwood Ave.

John and Vicki Haag, 297 S. 6th St.

Fay Dudley, 389 S. Roosevelt St.

2023 Orleans Business Winners:

Suddarth Real Estate & Company, 247 S. Maple St.

Flower Cottage, 437 N. Maple St.

2023 Judges Choice Winner:

Patrick Gould, 631 E. Washington (SR 337 E)

2023 Chamber’s Choice Winner:

Greg and Liz McCoy, 492 S. 4th St

2022 Best Community Spirit Award Winners:

Darrell Burkett, 1465 SR 37 N.

Tom and Terry Boyer,328 E. Liberty Rd.

Honorable Mention:

Steven Beckman, 510 W. Middleton Dr.

Amy Allen, 223 E. Lincoln

Orleans Chamber officials wish to thank all those who participated in this year’s contest and also would like to encourage residents to take some time during the holiday season to view the many beautifully decorated homes that maybe found throughout the Orleans Community. Merry Christmas!

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