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Southern Indiana
Great Outdoors

Lawrence County is rich with natural wonders of the great outdoors.

Hoosier National Forest

Hoosier National Forest, in the hills of south central Indiana, provides a wide mix of opportunities and resources for people to enjoy. Rolling hills, back-country trails, and rural crossroad communities make this small but beautiful 204,000 acre Forest a local treasure.

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Spring Mill State Park

Spring Mill State Park offers a powerful illustration of the link between the natural and cultural worlds. The water flowing from several cave springs led to the founding of an industrial village in the early 1800s. Pioneer entrepreneurs took advantage of a constant water source that never froze, using it to power several gristmills, a wool mill, a saw mill, and a distillery. In turn, pioneer settlers shaped the landscape around the village, clearing land for agriculture and timber.

Bluesprings Caverns

A visit to Bluespring Caverns will bring you, first of all, to the park above the Caverns. Mine for gems in our gemstone mining sluice, hike our trails, enjoy a picnic lunch and explore an underground world of wonders on our guided boat tour.

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