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VOTE411 provides nonpartisan local information to voters for the 2023 primaries

Voters who want to know more about the May 2023 municipal primary elections can find unbiased information at the League of Women Voters' website. It offers a wealth of factual election-related data, often including candidates' responses to questions on locally relevant issues posed by the local League.

At, users can find information about voter qualifications, registration deadlines and forms, ID requirements, early voting, requirements for voting absentee and how to obtain an absentee ballot. An important resource for many voters is the polling place locator, which shows where the voter’s precinct will vote on Election Day. According to the League, this information is sought by many voters just before and on Election Day. If candidates have responded to a questionnaire from a local League, their answers are included as well.

Voters can also find information at the VOTE411 website on how to watch debates with a critical eye and other ways to be well informed. The primary election is May 2. The League urges all who wish to inform themselves before voting to take advantage of this useful site.

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