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By Columnist Bob Bridge


I am not a cinematic specialist of any sorts; however, I’ve been an avid fan of films for nearly 70 years.

My family waged a budgetary battle throughout my childhood. Since we lacked the funds to travel for vacations, most of our adventures were limited to the nearby Sunset Drive-In Theater.

Oh, how I anticipated those special evenings!

They began with Mom popping pans of corn on the stovetop to fill a brown paper shopping bag. To make the snack especially savory, she melted a stick of butter and drizzled it in over the freshly popped corn.

Meanwhile, Dad loaded our green, metallic cooler with ice and refreshing bottles of Double Cola and Skis.

Patronize a concession stand?


We climbed into our station wagon and Dad steered us to our favorite outdoor theater, which was adjacent to the local airport. Dad rolled down the window and retrieved the speaker that provided the audio for the night’s entertainment.


My memory bank is a tad rusty after so many decades, but I recall vividly the splendid scenes from “Toby Tyler,” “Born Free,” “The Birds,” “Doctor Zhivago” and “The Hustler.”

The first movie was about a young lad running away to join the circus; the second featured Elsa, an orphaned lion cub.

Mom worried Alfred Hitchcock‘s “The Birds” would frighten me. It didn’t, but I did carefully scan the trees before departing the house the next morning.

I credit “The Hustler” for inspiring my spirit of competitiveness; and “Doctor Zhivago” introduced me to “Lara’s Theme,” among the loveliest pieces of music these ears have ever heard.

Most of all, these inexpensive, family-friendly forays firmly enhanced my relished relationship with Mom, Dad and Becky.

The gist of my family is gone now and most outdoor movie theaters are an entertainment source of the past.

Still, I relish those fond family recollections. Such good fun, delicious snacks, and meaningful movies.

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