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WTIU earns nine Telly Awards for local programs

WTIU earns nine Telly Awards for local programs

Bloomington, Ind., May 29, 2024 — The Telly Awards named WTIU Public Television the winner of nine awards in its 45th annual competition, which honors excellence in video and television across all screens.


WTIU’s television series Journey Indiana earned five Tellys, including one gold in the nature and wildlife category; three silvers in the museums and galleries, sustainability, and videography and cinematography categories; and one bronze in the travel and tourism category. WTIU’s documentary special Journey Indiana: From Above earned one bronze Telly in the drone and aerial cinematography category.


Flyover Culture, a digital series on Midwestern pop culture, won two bronze Tellys in social issues and video games and eSports. WTIU’s concert film Wes Montgomery at 100: A 100th Birthday Tribute Concert won a bronze Telly in the sound and sound design category.


After receiving these Telly Awards, WTIU and its sister station WFIU Public Radio have earned a total of 40 awards so far this year, including 24 Society of Professional Journalists Awards from the Indiana Professional Chapter and seven Regional Murrows. WTIU is also nominated for 16 NATAS Central Great Lakes Emmys. The Emmy winners will be announced on June 22.


A complete list of Telly Award winners follows:

Journey Indiana

Gold Telly Winner in Television – Nature & Wildlife

Nick Deel, producer, videographer, editor; John Timm, videographer


Journey Indiana

Silver Telly Winner in Television – Museums & Galleries

Saddam Al-Zubaidi, Videographer


Journey Indiana

Great Grains

Silver Telly Winner in Television – Sustainability

Nick Deel, producer, videographer, editor


Journey Indiana

Silver Telly Winner in Television – Videography & Cinematography

Saddam Al-Zubaidi, videographer


Journey Indiana

Bronze Telly Winner in Television – Travel & Tourism

John Timm, producer/videographer/editor


Bronze Telly Winner in Television – Drone & Aerial Cinematography

Jason Pear, producer; Jacob Lindauer, John Timm, Saddam Al-Zubaidi, and Jake Lindsay, drone videographers


Flyover Culture

Bronze Telly Winner in Online – Social Issues

Payton Whaley, producer; Jake Lindsay, videographer


Flyover Culture

Bronze Telly Winner in Online – Video Games & eSports

Payton Whaley, producer; Saddam Al-Zubaidi, videographer


Bronze Telly Winner in Television – Sound & Sound Design

Kevin Evans, audio engineer; Todd Gould, producer

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