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My professional career in journalism began in August of 1979 when Ray Snapp hired me to serve as sports editor of the Bedford Times-Mail.

Football that year was incredibly exciting. Gil Fey’s Stars ran off nine consecutive victories before falling to eventual state champion Columbus East.

The next few years blitzed by in a blur. My staff covered every sport, but basketball was particularly popular.

We reported on both boys and girls sports.


It was the right thing to do. I remember vividly how fellow sportswriters teased me unmercifully because I covered girls sports.

If I had a nickel for each time I heard, “I wouldn’t walk across the street to watch them play,” I’d be residing in Maui today.

I sincerely believed in Title IX. I championed the girls just as I championed the boys. Fairness was instilled in me by my mom and dad.  

Over four decades I have been especially proud of the BNL’s girls legendary basketball program. The T-M was a staunch supporter since the early 80s, when others would not give the girls the time of day.

Many reporters have conveniently changed their perspective in recent years. That’s encouraging. Good for them.

Why mention this now?

It hurts me deeply to see now how women athletes are being mistreated and pushed aside because of a dramatic change in eligibility issues. Young women must now compete with transgender athletes born with considerably more strength and quickness.

Years ago, this concept would have been preposterous, unheard of. Today, it is a political prerogative.

Where are the women’s rights advocates? Why are they conspicuously silent?

How can there be a dispute over such a simple issue?

I have no ill will toward those who choose alternative lifestyles. But I do not want individuals born as men sharing dressing rooms with my great- nieces.

Gravity is not an illusion. Neither is biology.

Where do you stand on this issue?

Give me a call or leave a brief remark.

Bob Bridge welcomes comments at 812-276-9646 or

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