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Improving Public Health

Senator Eric Koch

Having a healthy population is key to our state's success. By preventing health problems, rather than just treating them, Indiana can foster healthier families and a stronger workforce.

That's why I supported Senate Bill 4, which would incentivize local health departments to improve the quality of their services by establishing the Local Public Health Services Fund grant program.

The grant program would support local health departments that opt in to provide "core public health services" recommended by the Governor's Public Health Commission.

These services include screening for childhood lead exposure, inspecting public buildings for sanitation, partnering with schools to support student health, preventing tobacco use, and reviewing suicide, child and overdose fatality reports.

Under SB 4, no county could accept this grant funding for expanded health services unless the elected county commissioners and county council agree. The bill further states, "A county that accepts additional funding to provide core public health services does not transfer any authority under statute in operating the local health department to the state department in return for additional funding."

This bill would be a big step forward in improving the overall health of Hoosiers and promoting collaboration between local health departments and the Indiana Department of Health.

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