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Four NLCS Robotics Teams advance to State Championship 3rd Year in a Row

Bedford — Four Robotics Teams from North Lawrence Community Schools secured spots in the VEXIQ State Championship over the last month. This is the 3rd time for some team members and the 1st or 2nd for others. The goal of the state tournament is to be crowned as champions and receive an invitation to the VEX IQ World Championship in Dallas. The VEX World Championship is the largest competition in the world by Guinness World Record.

On January 13th, two Bedford Middle School (BMS) Robotics teams competed at the Shawswick tournament. Out of 38 teams in attendance the BMS teams emerged as the Teamwork Tournament champions and earned their place in the upcoming State Championship. Team A (Saeben Arce, Blake Beeson, Bella Brown and Nathan Tomlin) and Team B (Hunter Chastain, Baron Roodschild, Penelope Silcott and Nate Web) were the fourth alliance in the finals and outscored the top seeded alliance. Team A also earned the Robot Skills Champion award by having the highest combined driving and autonomous score of the event.

Four NLCS Robotics Teams advance to State Championship 3rd Year in a Row

On January 27th, Needmore Elementary’s Robo-Toppers F (Liam Arce, Lincoln Blevins, Sal Liali, Jay Mayer) and the Parkview Elementary Panthers B (Cora Burris, Liam Kern, Addison Lemon and Parker Presser) competed at the Shawswick tournament with 19 teams in total.

Both teams made it to finals and won the Teamwork Champion Award. Their success in this competition has set them on the path to compete at the highest level in the upcoming State Championship, a testament to their hard work and determination.

Robo-Toppers F team from Needmore Elementary School

Robo-Toppers F team from Needmore Elementary School.

Panthers B team from Parkview Elementary

Panthers B team from Parkview Elementary.

These 4 teams of robotics enthusiasts have navigated through challenging tasks, designed and built cutting-edge robots, and engaged in strategic gameplay during competitions. Their achievements highlight the significance of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) education and its impact on shaping the next generation of innovators.

The coaches of the robotics teams (Reeve Arce - BMS, Brian Beeson - BMS, John Lemon - Parkview Panthers and Molly Staggs - Needmore Robo-Toppers), expressed immense pride in the accomplishments of the students. These young minds have not only honed their technical skills but have also developed invaluable teamwork and problem-solving abilities. The State Championship is the next exciting chapter in their journey, and we are confident they will continue to shine.

The VEX IQ State Championship 2024 is set to take place on March 23rd at Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis, where the NLCS robotics teams will face off against other top-performing teams from across the state. The competition promises to be intense, with participants showcasing their robots' capabilities in this year’s game “Full Volume”.

As the NLCS robotics teams gear up for the State Championship, they look forward to representing their community and schools with pride. The teams expresses gratitude to their sponsors, supporters, and the entire Lawrence County community for their unwavering encouragement and backing.

If you are looking for an opportunity to sponsor these teams or if you or your business is currently a sponsor and wanting to rank up to a higher tier, please contact NLCS Robotics Booster Club via email: or visit their Facebook page to learn more: Individuals are encouraged to donate and all your support is greatly appreciated.

Deadline for sponsoring teams that are going to the VEX State Championship is February 15, 2024 in order to guarantee your logo will be on their shirts and banners. Visit the Booster Club website for more details:

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