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2024 Election

Four years ago I penned a column about the upcoming presidential election. I sensed a serious undercurrent of concern permeating our political state of affairs.

Many of my longtime friends were worried about the impending election and our distinction as a superpower.

They perceived the choice as critical, pivotal.

“We can’t possibly endure another four years of Donald Trump,“ one moaned. Another cautioned, “I think we are about to lose our country as we know it. That’s what will happen if these progressives take control.“

Did I think a Donald Trump or Joe Biden victory would rescue the country?


Now, four years later, how do I feel about a rigorous rematch?

I am not happy. I am aggravated.

Seriously, are these our top two options?

Can’t we choose a leader with a better idea of which direction to go?

I don’t remember a time when philosophies have been so conflicting.

Admittedly, I’m not an expert. However, I’ve tried to become reasonably informed, up to speed with what’s going on. That, unfortunately, has not provided any semblance of clarity.

President Biden ran as a moderate, a unifier. Now, he proudly claims to be the most progressive leader - ever.

James Carville, a strategist for Bill Clinton in 1992, constantly reminded anyone that would listen, “It’s the economy, stupid!“

I believe that much. Inflation hits you where it hurts.

I am an elderly white male. Accordingly, some would identify me as a racist, white supremacist, homophobe and sexist.

For what it’s worth, I am not.

Whichever candidate prevails in November will be my President. I respect the process, as flawed as it is.

Who would I prefer to see in the Oval Office?

Someone with a refreshing personality promoting a more appealing agenda. Yes, I am weary of the erratic, sometimes embarrassing escapades of Donald and Joe.

Maybe someone without self-absorbed pomposity. Maybe someone less entrenched in political propaganda. Maybe someone determined to speak the truth.

Americans are emotionally disheveled. They are tired of this disrespectful, roaring rhetoric.

Why not someone new?

We’re spinning our proverbial wheels at a challenging, dangerous point in time.

We owe it to ourselves - and our nation - to consider different voices.

How difficult is that?

Think about it.

Choose wisely.

Contact Columnist Bob Bridge at 812–276–9646 or

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