School Boards votes for Plan B

At the Thursday night school board meeting, the North Lawrence School Board voted to accept the plan B option for the school calendar for next year.

North Lawrence Community Schools Sample B

                                    North Lawrence Community Schools                  Sample B




                August                                         7          First Teacher Day                                              

                                                                    8          First Student Day


                September                                  2           Labor Day — No School

                                                                    18           Mid-Term Progress Reports                    


                October                                     8            Evening Parent-Teacher Conferences 

                                                                  11            End of First Grading Period

                                                               14-18            Fall Break – No School                                                           


                November                                20           Progress Reports Issued

                                                              27-29           Thanksgiving Break                                        


                December                                20           Last Student Day Before Christmas                          

                                                                                End of Second Grading Period

                                                                                End of First Semester


                                Christmas Break                     December 21, 2013 – January 3, 2014



                January                                     6            First Student Day After Christmas               

                                                                    8           Nine Week/First Semester Grade Reports

                                                                 20            No School/Make Up Day


                February                                 12            Mid-Term Progress Reports Issued

                                                                  17            President’s Day – No School/Make Up



                March                                  3-12            ISTEP+ Writing Assessment Testing Window

                                                                 14           End of Third Grading Period

                                                                 19           Nine Week Grade Reports Issued

                                                            17-19           IREAD-3 Assessment

                                                                 21           No School/Make Up Day

                                                           24-28            Spring Break                                                 


                April                                          7            No School/Make Up Day

                                                                18            No School/Make Up Day

                                                                21            No School/Make Up Day

                                                                23            Mid-Term Progress Reports Issued

                                          April 28 – May 9            ISTEP+ Progress Assessment Testing Window


                      May                                   16           Last Day for Field Trips During Instructional Day

                                                                 26           Memorial Day – No School

                                                                 29           Last Student Day

                                                                     End of Fourth Grading Period                                                              

                                                                                End of Second Semester

                                                                 30           Last Teacher Day — Inservice Half-Day   

                                                                   (Teachers may leave at  11 a.m.)

                                                                        Total student days      180 days

                                                                      Total teacher days      182 days



All student days are full days unless noted.  If it is necessary, No School/Make Up days will be used to make up student instructional days.  Any additional days missed beyond those designated above will be added to the end of the scheduled school year.


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