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Recommended Resources

  • Starfall: My son is learning to read, and doing pretty well at it. He’s recently taken a liking to a web site useful for young readers, Starfall. It has pages for letters, phonics, stories, and more.

Surfing the Net With Kids

  • Statue of Liberty
    The copper lady dressed in robes that stands at the entrance to New York harbor is one of the largest statues ever built. Her full name is Liberty Enlightening the World, but she is better known as the Statue of […]
  • Booklists
    Looking for a great read? Take a scroll through these recommended sites featuring book reviews and lists of award-winners for both children and young adults. Your next reading adventure is waiting for you.
  • Saturn
    Saturn is the second-largest planet in the Solar System, and it’s the sixth planet from the Sun. Saturn is known for its spectacular rings, which are mostly composed of ice particles and rock dust. In 1997, NASA launched the Cassini–Huygens […]...